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As with everything else, COVID dashed our hopes to do multiple competitions this year. Everything across Canada was cancelled - including Canada's longest running competition - BBQ on the Bow. Then, at the last minute, BBQ on the Bow found a way to get resurrected, this time in a campground in Didsbury at the end of September. This was also Seth's first taste of competition BBQ.

We were lucky to get into the limited field and blessed with some great weather, despite the time of year. The modified competition saw no Kids Q, no Chefs Choice, no Friday dinner, and no team potluck but one thing that wasn't different was the competition field. We definitely felt like underdogs but were just happy to be out.

The campground setting actually worked out really well for the competitors - we had ample space, a fire pit to discard ashes, easy water access, etc. Without the Kids Q and Chef's Choice, it meant that Saturday afternoon and evening had plenty of downtime so it was great catching up with other teams, checking out everyone's BBQs, and enjoying a few drinks in a peaceful setting.

But on to the comp. Overall, it was a great competition for us. We managed a 10th Overall and a couple of personal bests.

Chicken - 7th place (and a personal best)! Ribs - once again ribs were the downfall of Philly Special BBQ. We'll be heading back to the lab for these in 2021. 19th place. Pork Butt - 13th place. Middle of the pack on this one. Judge comments suggested that our presentation needed some work. Brisket - 3rd place!!! Over-the-moon with this call. It felt great at turn-in so once the calls got to Top 5 and we hadn't heard our name, it started to feel disappointing (knowing who was still left in the field of competitors). So hearing our name for 3rd was a pretty awesome feeling.

Looking forward to a comp-filled 2021!

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