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Philly Special BBQ is a competition BBQ team from Airdrie, Alberta consisting of Seth and Jason - two neighbourhood grilling junkies. We try to compete in at least a couple of competitions per year and do the occasional 'catering' event (for fundraisers, for example).

We're both big fans of charcoal though we'll get down with any bbq. Happy to chat BBQ anytime so feel free to find us on social media.

Meet the Team



Jason Bostick

Meet J

I was born in Alberta, spent my Degrassi years in Lloydminster, and went to university in Saskatoon before settling back down in the Calgary area since 2005. I live in Airdrie with a wife and two daughters.

I've always been into grilling but 'real' BBQ wasn't really on my radar until I was in my 30's. I wanted to find a tutorial on how to make good ribs, found AmazingRibs.com and I was hooked. A Weber Smokey Mountain followed as a Fathers Day gift and I haven't turned back.

I'm largely self-taught via YouTube but as I've gotten connected into the competition BBQ community, I've met lots of local folks and have learned a ton through classes, networking, and social media.

I did my first comp in 2016 at BBQ on the Bow and haven't managed to do more than one KCBS per year since, though that'll hopefully change in 2021 and beyond.

I'd say that my favourite thing to cook/eat in the BBQ world is probably burnt ends. I have a mild obsession with bbq pits (though not the budget or storage space to match it). My drum smoker is my current favourite but I have 'offset' dreams.



Seth Harcus

Meet Seth

I was born in Calgary however spent most of my life in Windsor Ontario. I moved back to Alberta in 2013 where I settled in Airdrie with my wife and 4 amazing children. I have a few passions in life which tend to keep me busy and those include spending time hunting/fishing and enjoying the great outdoors.

I'm an avid woodworker often found toiling away in my shop with a cold beer. My number one passion though is grilling and all things BBQ! Over the years I have really come to appreciate the art that is BBQ and have worked tirelessly to continue to perfect this craft. On any given weekend (and many weekdays) I can be found amidst a cloud of smoke on my patio cooking on my kamado.

I've been BBQing my whole adult life. However in 2018, my hobby truly turned into a passion once I ditched the conventional propane and natural gas grills for a ceramic kamado. As soon as I began building my own fires and tending to the details of the process I was immediately hooked! Nothing beats that smell of meat smoking away over lump on a sunny afternoon! Of course I swiftly descended into a BBQ fuelled spending frenzy on thermometers, gear, rubs, sauces and all things BBQ. Yes my wife is so pleased. *cough* haha
Jason and I met through our wives and immediately discovered each other's love of the grill. Over time we were sharing grilling tips and smoking methods until it only made sense to take our love for everything BBQ on the road where we have enjoyed some successes at KCBS competition events. Of course this only served to fuel our ambitions of honing our craft even further and pursuing many more events! We have met some many amazing people and are learning s much every year that I cannot wait to see what each season brings.

For me, there is nothing like the camaraderie and ability to continuously learn from the BBQ community both in the backyard and at competitions alike.
My favourite things to BBQ are the things that take the most time and effort to make. I enjoy the process. Everything from prepping, seasoning, building my fires, maintaining and finishing meals on my smoker. Its not uncommon for me to spend hours in the kitchen or on the deck making a meal. My favourite thing to make is chicken thighs as the process keeps me busy and they are always delicious. Although of course I love cooking brisket, ribs, flank short ribs and the list goes on. Everything from pizza to beans go through my smoker.
Hands down my favourite thing to cook on is my Pit Boss 24" ceramic kamado. From beginning to end I love every minute of the process. The simple engineering and the efficiency are often unparalleled. There's not much that compares to pulling a perfectly cooked meal out of that egg after a long afternoon (or evening) of it working its magic!

Some background


The team was named after the homemade smoker that is used in competitions (itself called the Philly Special - a nod to the greatest play call in Super Bowl history). This was back in 2018 - fresh off of a Super Bowl win (and back when this was a 1-person team). Now a 2-person team, the name has stuck even though the new member has the common sense to not cheer for the Eagles.

However, tradition and superstition are in abundance in the BBQ community, so after we had a promising finish in our first competition together, the name stuck - puns and local references be damned.

So, the next time you jokingly mock our team allegiance - just know that it only cuts to the core for one of us.

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