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Passionate Backyard BBQ'ers

We are backyard cooks at heart but both fell in love with the competition barbecue scene and all that it offers - the camaraderie of the community, our innate competitiveness, and a chance to challenge ourselves at something we love. We also love talking pits, gadgets, and techniques.

While nothing beats cooking up a feast for a crowd of friends and family, we've gotten just enough of a taste of 'getting a call' that we can't help but dive into the competition scene.

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Keep tabs on our competition events and maybe the odd recipe or two.

  • Rally in the Rockies

    A fun mini-competition event to coincide with an epic Harley Davidson event! Read on to fin out the results!

  • Smoke, Wind & Fire 2021

    The 2021 competition season kicked off at the 1st annual Smoke, Wind & Fire competition in Lethbridge.

  • Beef Cheeks

    Part two of our inauthentic Taco Series is an incredibly tender beef cheek turned into barbacoa tacos. You gotta try this cut!

Getting' by with a little help from our friends…


Unfortunately, the competition world is not an inexpensive one. We're grateful to our sponsors for helping us pursue our passion.

If you would like to be a sponsor, we have some great ideas that can make it worthwhile for both of us - including things like catered staff functions. Get in touch and we can get into specifics!

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